5 Reasons To Consider Living in Pacifica, California

February 6, 2018

Simply, there’s no place like California. While others think of San Francisco or Los Angeles, my idea of California living is always stuck with Pacifica and the Bay Area.


Pacifica is probably known for perpetual fogs and the surf scene in Linda Mar. I’ve been selling the bay area for more than 30 years now and for a good reason. I believe this is the place where families can start, thrive, and live for the rest of their lives. But before we talk business, here are 5 good reasons to live in Pacifica, California.


5 Good Reasons To Live In Pacifica


1. Great retirement place or just for tuning out.

Pacifica gets you close to nature - the beach, the small town feel to it, and the absence of bustling city sound. Once you step foot in our community, it is very noticeable how relaxed the town can be. It’s a slow-paced environment, which many kids may find boring. But not really, being 20 minute drive away from San Francisco gives it an easy access to city adventures, while keeping it an ideal place for a much needed personal space after the fun. 


2. There’s always something angelic about The Devil’s Slide.

Pacifica is only accessible via Highway 1. Dubbed as the most gorgeous section of Highway 1, Devil’s Slide gives a breathtaking view of the Pacific that leads to the crescent beach, Halfmoon Bay and all other beauty the town has to offer. It was once a hellish cliff-side highway, hence the moniker. But the beauty it gives could mean the best 20-30 min drive of your life without losing sight of the Pacific. 

3. Ocean is calling at every turn.

While it’s obvious that Pacifica is located in the coastline, it is a unique view of the Pacific in itself. It is home to dramatic sunsets, huge waves crashing against cliff-side, mountains rising from the shoreline, and so on. It is a major surfing center, with its infamous Linda Mar and Rockaway Beach. There’s plenty of trails too, from Mori Point to Montara Mountain. The Pacifica Pier, which is one of the best fishing piers in the state is a postcard view at sunset. 


4. Never too hot, nor too cold.

While there’s a bit of a downside to this if you’re one who prefers wearing t-shirts most of the time, Pacifica holds mild winters and cool summers. The fog is also something that definitely needs getting used to. While it’s a personal favorite, it couldn’t be helped that outsiders are finding a hard time to adjust especially with their cars getting stuck in a mud they can’t see while driving.


5. Taco Bell on the beach!

Yes, you read it right. This picture alone tells a lot about how the locals value “convenience”. After relaxing at the State beach, or hustlin’ the waves, all you need is comfort food from a fastfood chain without dusting the sand off your feet. 

Real estate prices are booming. There was a time when you can purchase a property in Pacifica if San Francisco is way beyond your means. Now, home prices are sitting around $600k. This is worth the investment and is still not very high end, knowing you’re buying a suburban living while staying close to the city at the same time.


Pacifica has its downsides, too. Despite having trails and beaches that are walking distance, the commute is not easily available. Driving becomes a necessity and I know people who do not want it. On the bright side, you have the perfect view of the Pacific, real competitive public schools, a quiet place to live while staying near the city, and a nice overall climate.

With everything I’ve mentioned, it’s still the best place to settle down with your family or get a nice home for a relaxing after-office hours, coming home from the city. 

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5 Reasons To Consider Living in Pacifica, California

February 6, 2018

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